About Us

The art world can be an intimidating place for newcomers. If newspaper headlines of multi-million dollar prices don’t put you off, the underbelly of the art world might: stories of fakes, overpriced deals or works in bad condition are unfortunately all too common. One way to get around this is to work with an art advisor, who is able to guide you through the art world and help you avoid obvious pitfalls. The New Collector’s Digest makes this service accessible to a broader audience, by publishing regular selections of artworks and collectibles from auctions and galleries around Australia. Each work has been vetted by us: we check authenticity, condition and pricing, and publish a report for each work we recommend, so that you can be confident in your purchases. 

Who We Are

We are Jesse-Jack de Deyne and Boris Cornelissen, two art dealers with extensive experience in the art world in Australia and beyond. We have both worked for major auction houses, Jesse in Australia and Boris for Sotheby’s in London and Hong Kong. We spent a lot of time sifting through all the auction catalogues that are published every week, and are always looking for works that are undervalued or simply of great quality for money.

Boris Cornelissen

About Boris

Boris was born in The Netherlands and has lived in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Sydney. Following a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art History, he worked for Sotheby's in London and later in Hong Kong as a deputy director, specialist and head of sale in the contemporary art department.
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Jesse-Jack De Deyne

About Jesse

Having grown up in a family immersed in art has led me to pursue a career in this field. I have spent time working at Maningrida Arts & Culture in Arnhem Land, followed by taking up a role as an Australian Indigenous Art specialist at a major auction house in Melbourne.
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Our Services

With The New Collector’s Digest we want to make art advisory services available to a wider audience. But if you’re looking for more bespoke advice (let’s say you’re looking for a work by a particular artist, or help with collection management) we are able to help you as well. Please get in touch and we would love to talk you through it.